Why New York City?

Being a white girl trapped inside the body of a young homosexual living in the suburbs is hard. Especially because I’m a city girl. Without the vicinity of civilisation, I’ll eventually die of boredom. New York City was always one of my absolute favorites and here’s why:


Travelling on your own can be difficult if you get lonely quickly. It was my first time to travel this far on my own, but I totally enjoyed it. Especially in NYC, locals talk to each other as if they are family and I love this. You can walk up to anyone and have a conversation (if they have time). When I was shopping at Sephora the first day, I decided to give a random girl a compliment on her hair. We ended up spending the whole day together and we ate spray cheese at one in the morning in my hotel lobby. Shoutout to Bria, love you girl!


I’m actually deceased. No matter what you want, you can get it within an hour. Want pizza? a ride? sex? doesn’t matter, because it’s New York baby. Postmates, Grindr and Uber were the holy trinities of this trip. I’d love to tell you which one I used the most but that would be too upfront. Just kidding, it was Grindr. Tapping and swiping are one of the many hobbies of mine that combine fun and sports. Even though it’s not that special to most people, I still gag every single time over all the choices in NYC (and i’m not only talking about food).


This isn’t a big teal to literally the whole entire world except for my country. Austria is beautiful but still underdeveloped when it comes to consumerism. Shops close at 6, some at 7 and after that you’re left with nothing. Capitalism may not be the healthiest thing but my shopping addicted ass needs the liberty to go out after 7. I’m a busy woman on the go, I have 2 jobs and need to pick my kids up. I don’t have time to run errands during the day goddamnit! NYC offers all you wish for because i can get a freshly cut watermelon or a douche at 4 am if I want.


Seriously, no one does. You can be whoever and do whatever you want without getting the strange looks. I know that people love to stare at me when I bring some color into the provinces of Austria. Wearing heels or a crop top makes them gag. Not everyone can handle the razzle-dazzle of mine. NYC is so amazing, you could walk out there naked and I bet with you that most people still wouldn’t care.


Being in NYC doesn’t involve any cooking skills. Locals usually don’t cook anyway, they just eat at restaurants or they order takeaway. I already love this because I’m a terrible cook and love to eat out. There are endless choices and the newest food-trends often start here too. Cronuts, Cookie Dough and Charcoal Ice cream just to name a few. My diet here hasn’t been the healthiest, but definitely the tastiest.

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