The best Wi-Fi router

this bitch is keeping it short, you’re welcome. because my attention span is very limited, I’m just gonna say everything that’s essential.

WINNER: Google Wi-Fi

Pros: This fucker doesn’t waste your time, it’s easy to set up, looks pretty and it just works (and because it’s a Mesh system, you’re gonna have Wi-Fi in every single corner of your Apartment). The best part: All settings are chosen automatically so you don’t have to care about a thing.

Cons: Limited Ethernet ports on the back (you gotta get a Switch too)

Summary: Even though the number of ports is very limited, you can extend that by buying a Switch (about 15-30 EUR) and with Google Wi-Fi you’re gonna get the best overall package. The App is very pretty and easy to use and there’s literally no way you could fuck something up – it just works! Range and performance are awesome and I can’t complain about anything.

Second: Apple AirPort Time Capsule

Pros: Just like the Google Wi-Fi, this one is very pretty and it just works. Setup is extremely easy and you can’t fuck anything up. Big Plus: You can automatically Back-Up your MacBook with the integrated storage.

Cons: You won’t have as much control over your network as you have with Google. You can’t see who is connected to your network, neither can you prioritize devices. And also, the signal range isn’t the best + more bad news: This is the most expensive router and is also being discontinued by Apple soon…

Summary: If you own a lot of Apple devices + your apartment isn’t that big, this one is a good choice. Wi-Fi range isn’t the best, but the performance is. I personally chose the Google Wi-Fi router because it’s very easygoing and low-maintenance + the network range is crazy! Apple does sort of disappoint with range but this one is still a powerhouse for all Apple users. If your apartment is bigger than 60 square meters, this one is probably not for you.

Third: Netgear Orbi

Pros: Good range… that’s it, seriously

Cons: Performance struggles from time to time, setup was a pain in the ass (not the good kind of pain). The online interface is a mess and you’ll get lost in the settings so easily. Why did I even buy this thing?

Summary: This one caused me the most trouble out of them all. Setup was just so messy and wasted a lot of my time. After that I also couldn’t use my Sonos speakers and I just wanted to throw it away. I mean the range is good but literally everything else is a catastrophe.