Size Matters (My favorite heels)

Am I right ladies? Everyone says that size doesn’t matter. Wrong! I really don’t want to dissappoint men or shoe manufacturers but size is important. I’m a man who loves to wear heels (that was not a confession) and no one in the industry cares about women with big feet. The only heels in my size are most likely ugly or sold. Once every few months I’ll order a ton of heels from Zalando, Deichmann etc. for a fitting haul and I’ve made quite some good catches. Doesn’t matter if you have big feet or just want heels, those pieces will fit you.

Side note: I’m a size 44 in men’s but women’s 42 will fit 50% of the time


This pair from ASOS is extremely comfortable for high heels. The sock shaft wraps nicely around your legs and also keeps you warm during winter. Eventhough the toes are slightly squeezed together, it’s still a good pair that won’t hurt after a short amount of time. This is currently my favorite pair of heels, especially when paired with sweatpants. The fit is perfect for my big ass man feet so I think any woman with 42 or under will likely find a size that will fit. They also look very similar to the ones that James Charles wore during his Magnus Hastings photoshoot.

Price: 57,99 EUR

Call It Spring

Finally some winter boots that don’t look hideous. Just thinking of winter annoys me because no matter which shoes I wear, I always have to decide between feeling warm, looking good or looking too gay.

UPDATE: I had to return them because there was something wrong with the way my foot was laying on the sole. I would have loved to keep them but you can still give it a shot.

Price: 69,95 EUR


These are my classic heels that I have worn countless times in my Instagram photos. They’re dirt cheap, easy to wear and most importantly, big enough for my feet. You have a good hold because of the straps and you’ll look fucking fierce.

Price: 24,90 EUR


aww, my first pair of heels. I wore them to my ball and won prom queen. Iconic… They’re bascially the Graceland ones but without the straps. Slightly more minimal and easier to slip in. Nevertheless I highly recommend them since they are just a basic piece that everyone should own.

Price: 24,90 EUR

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