10’s across the board

What you are about to read was the night of my life. I have never had so much fun and joy, ever. I had to travel for 9 hours from Salzburg to Düsseldorf and then to Dublin, only to meet a bunch of men in wigs. Worth it? Yes, gawd!

Those of you who have never been to any meet and greet before, this is how it goes down: All 5 Queens are in the same room, everyone has their own queue and after you’re done with waiting (about 15 minutes), you have about 1 minute with each queen.


Turning looks, stunting pretty, she’s the bitch from New York City. Aquaria was the first queen that I saw that night, and I was the first fan she greeted. I walked up to her with a big smile, she gave me a hug and we chatted for a while. She’s just as pretty in real life as on TV and we’re even twinning with the pink/black look! After taking pictures, Aquaria and her assistant sorted the ugly pictures out. A little awkward at first but hey, Aquaria held my phone! Her DNA is on there now!


The true heart of season 10 and an amazing pageant girl! She was the second queen I met. Asia was definitely one of the warmest and most genuine queens of them all! She gave me the tightest hug, asked for my name and where I come from. Her presence was so motherly and warm, I felt truly welcome. She held both my hands the entire time and looked into my eyes every single second. I felt a true connection and I just can’t get enough of her sweetness. She also did a short video with me which made me gag so hard, and she even kissed me on the neck! Aaaahhh, I just love her!


The crazy Asian girl you can’t get enough of. Yuhua was the funniest and most and energetic woman! She greeted me with open arms, asked for my name and complimented me on my pink suit. She insisted me to walk for her, which I did passionately! I vogued my way into the crowd and everyone stepped aside to make room for me. At that moment I felt like a star! Must sound so stupid… So I went back to her and we took some pictures and also a short video. Later that night she even used my video and posted it to her story! Her hot and flexible body stole my heart in all different kinds of positions.


The jewish barbie on bath salts. Cracker and Katelyn got mugged right before the show but she still joked about the situation. Some money and Katelyn’s passport were stolen and Cracker just said: “Katelyn is an Irish citizen now goddamnit!”. You shouldn’t laugh about this but hey, she wouldn’t be Cracker and I love her for that! Meeting her was a dream come true for me! When I asked for a short video she declined because apparently, she got in trouble for doing videos with fans. I really wanted to scream “She’s a woman!” and “Ok Katelyn, time for dinner” with her, but at least I got pictures! 


The trade / muscle queen of season 10 honey. I walked up to her as she was smiling with open arms. I can still remember her saying “Hi babe!”. I’m gagged. I’m still mad that her assistant literally only took ONE PICTURE. Not two, not three, just one! Who does that?? I’m very ugly in the pic but at least Kameron has her hands wrapped around me and I flood my basement. Just kidding. She also did a short video with me where she even flexes her muscles. I’m still screaming on the inside.


Chicago in the house! I met her at the Afterparty during the meet & greet. We hugged, took a picture and I fangirled for 30 seconds. She was one of my favorites during Season 9 and I was gagged every time I saw her. I’m still amazed that we’re the same height (we’re both 1,90m in heels). She was very sweet and held my hands the entire time I was talking to her! and as I sashayed away she said “bye baby”. The meet & greet was shot by a photographer and this one turned out to be the best looking out of all pictures. iPhone vs DSLR, I mean, yeah…


She was one of the local Queens who also performed at the theatre. I admired her so much as I saw her dancing to CLiQ Wavey. Her makeup, the outfit and the body movements, everything was perfect! I coincidentally ran into her at the after-party, I walked up to her to ask for a photo. She shook my hand (and my existence) and asked for my name. Miss perfect is also humble! I just can’t get enough of her. The funniest thing is still that I got to dance with her. I think it was a RuPaul song because I was feeling it honey!